ith dedication and commitment to quality, Al Baree is undoubtedly the best at choosing and providing the best manpower for whatever requirement our clients have. In fact, our flawless reputation has been the hallmark of our success and ever growing client list that has taken us and our placement to some of the most exciting places and companies in the Gulf Region.

We have been the basis of many successful life stories because we understand the pressures of our job seekers and using our vast resources we make sure that every single person placed from our Company is assured a comfortable life and is taken care in every possible way.

It is the job seekers that come through our doors have made us who we are and it will be these people, who will take us to even greater heights. Ln return we will make sure that every single recruiter or job seeker will get the best. Al Baree has to offer and nothing to the best.


EO and Head of Human Resources Mr. Ariyanayagam Jatheeswaran has his eyes on the future of Al Baree.

We are one of the best Placement Bureau’s that manage and provide skilled manpower from Sri Lanka to the Middle East, my aim, is to make sure we stay at number one” according to Mr. A. Jatheeswaran.

As CEO and Head of Human Resources Mr. Jatheeswaran is a hands on individual who makes sure all levels of operation at Al Baree runs smoothly, efficiently and ethically. “This comes from a long understanding of the client’s requirements as well as needs and making sure that every single one of them is met, maintaining close and solid ties with our clients.”

Mr. A. Jatheeswaran also likes to keep in close contact with both clients and the job seekers that come looking to find better employment in the Middle East, “Truly bring about a perfect synergy of skilled manpower to a job one must understand the job seekers he is dealing with, which is why we have been the best at consistently placing the right employee in the right job. We do not look at job seekers or clients as CV’s or emails, we look at them as people with needs and dreams, hopes and aspirations and we find the best way for them to achieve that. At Air Kings we also realize that we have a responsibility to maintain and uplift the reputation of Sri Lanka by making sure the job seekers we place truly represent the best of what Sri Lanka has to offer, this sort of thinking is followed everywhere else in the world and we are expected to adhere to the same standards of quality if we wish to remain major players in the field of skilled manpower placement.”

Ariyanayagam Jatheeswaran
CEO Head of Human Resources


he road to success is often a difficult one, which is why we at Al Baree depend heavily on the experience and knowledge of placement from Mr. Abdul Majeed.

Fluent in Arabic, Mr. Majeed maintains close business relationships with the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia as well as other diplomatic missions in Sri Lanka making his ability for expediting visa endorsements and other recruitment formalities extremely efficient.

His experience and ability at making the perfect selection for the job makes Mr. Majeed one of the best liaising officials working between employers and employees. A creative out of the box thinker Mr Majeed is also known for coming up with the best solutions for our clients.

An exceptional General Manager who has been crucial for our ongoing success and development.

Abdul Majeed
General Manager